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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
2:56 pm
Leaving the guild
Eeek, like ong! Sazz is leaving? Noooo!

Yes, she is. She's looking for a guild with something nice to do. With activities.
I'm sorry about it. I tried everything. I've been the only one posting for ages.

And now I'm bored. I want an active guild.
It's okay =) You guys were, and still are the best! You can always still find me and some day I might even return.

Now onto the serious stuff. I'm on council. Second council. So there's someone who'll have to replace me. I vote that that'll be Scooby XP It's my opinion though, don't mind it too much.
I'll keep the layout on, don't worry, and in case you didn't notice yet, I put my name on it XP Don't worry, in size 5 so probably no one'll notice!

Love ya guys <3333 You're the best but I'm not, I'm not far as active as I've always been and I'm just wishing for a dazzling place to hang out now =) I wish you the best luck in the world keeping it alive.

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
3:11 pm
Some ideas..
I have made up my mind about the not-very-activeness-problem.

I think we should make a 'YAY, ALWAYS PARTY' guild, which means: with lots of activities.

I am currently running some kind of contest, just something random =) I hope I can make everyone come in the high created clouds of the eighth Sazz heaven.

Anyway, I think there should be more contests etc., but not like 5 at a time of course. It takes away interest.

Now, I need suggestions. Is there anyone who's got a brilliant idea? Someone who has gotten a lot of inspiration? Maybe something themed, as Easter isn't that far away?

Oh, yeah, Easter! As the CCB, as I heared, wasn't a very great success, maybe we should get a rematch at Easter?

Just sharing thoughts peepers =) Comment and tell me what you think!

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Monday, January 10th, 2005
5:25 pm
Author Message
No one listens...

01/10/2005 " my observations "

23 members in the guild.

EIGHT out of 23 members have logged in today. do i see any messages from them? no. why cant people post when they come online, it doesn't mean "omg you have to stay and chat" or anything, just let us know that you are alive.

SIX MEMBERS out of 23 are active on a regular basis. and what is the likelyhood of two people chatting on the board at the same time? they are more likely to use aim//msn//w.e

we need to start getting members. fast.

Lauren | Merea meerpn00gle r0x0rZ: says Lauren
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what are we going to do about this?

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Saturday, January 8th, 2005
2:03 pm
Author Message
No one listens...

01/08/2005 " Re: Birthday! "

Ive closed the poll.

Your questions answered:

What was the final result?
The final result was that there were 3 votes for Public, and 2 votes for Private.

So what does that mean?
:shrugs shoulders: if that is what the guild decided, then so be it.

"I didn't get to vote in the poll"...
Tough luck. The Poll was up for three whole days. 72 hours.

I don't believe you, I demand a recount.
Ive taken a screenshot of the final poll standings. if you don't believe me, and would like to see firsthand the poll results, you can email me @ promisedlove@gmail.com, and i will kindly send you the link to the image on my photobucket account.

Lauren | Merea meerpn00gle r0x0rZ: says Lauren
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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
6:03 pm

1337erated is just one massive problem. half the council want one thing, half the council want another, and none of us is working together. we are always just constantly bickering, and yanno? it is really beginning to get to me. its just constant yakking and UGH it is
really getting to me. like for example, take the guild private or not? half the council want private and half the council want public, and to be quite honest, i see no way of sorting it out. one person is always going to be unhappy, one person is always going to be mad that "oh my god, they didnt pick my idea". it is just getting to me doodle, and i know that neo is "just a game", but for me the guild is a place to hang out with my friends- in basic terms, it is all i go on neo for. but i seriously think that council members need to stop their bickering before there is no guild to go to, and no guild to be on council//admin of. NEOPETS IS MEANT TO BE A GAME. LIVEJOURNAL IS MEANT TO BE SOMEWHERE TO HANG OUT. THE GUILD IS ANOTHER PLACE TO HANG OUT. i think that the council//admin seriously need to sort out their priorities and what they actually want before people start leaving the guild or the guild becomes a place where no one is. i don't hang around the guild anymore like i used to, it just isn't a fun place anymore. why? because there are so many arguements between council//admin and things arent organised properly. i know the candy cane ball is my fault, but surely we need to start getting organised?

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Sunday, December 19th, 2004
11:58 am

Don't you all love that time of year when you are giving and receiving presents? I know I do

Want to get something extra special for a certain someone this year?

1337erated are running a Secret Santa Exchange.

Send an neomail to d00d_lauren or cutekitten241 saying that you would like to participate in the Exchange. We also require your username.

We will then neomail you back within a day or two once Kristen + I have had a chance to talk to one another, with who your partnered person. Say "for example" Kristen was told to buy for me, I wouldn't be told that Kristen was buying for me, if you can get the gist? until Xmas Eve, when all presents should be sent.

Have Fun, and enjoy yourselves!
Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
6:50 pm
Public Post

This is the post to submit your ideas for the guild until we create a Guild LJ Community.
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