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Leaving the guild

Eeek, like ong! Sazz is leaving? Noooo!

Yes, she is. She's looking for a guild with something nice to do. With activities.
I'm sorry about it. I tried everything. I've been the only one posting for ages.

And now I'm bored. I want an active guild.
It's okay =) You guys were, and still are the best! You can always still find me and some day I might even return.

Now onto the serious stuff. I'm on council. Second council. So there's someone who'll have to replace me. I vote that that'll be Scooby XP It's my opinion though, don't mind it too much.
I'll keep the layout on, don't worry, and in case you didn't notice yet, I put my name on it XP Don't worry, in size 5 so probably no one'll notice!

Love ya guys <3333 You're the best but I'm not, I'm not far as active as I've always been and I'm just wishing for a dazzling place to hang out now =) I wish you the best luck in the world keeping it alive.

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